NAVSEA IM Management organization defined

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A management review chaired by RAdm. Meyer was held on 24 to 26 June 1985 at the Xerox Training Center, Leesburg, VA. The purpose was to establish the organizational structure of the NAVSEA Insensitive Munitions Office and to establish broad goals for meeting the objectives set forth by CNO the directive. The IM Office structure was divided into two basic categories, Programmatics and Technology.

The Programmatics manager was assigned the responsibility for:

  1. Tracking the Navy Program Objectives and Milestones, POA&M’s documents, for all Navy weapons to follow the progress toward meeting the IM Policy goals.
  2. Providing support to the Insensitive Munitions Coordinating Group.
  3. Providing support to the OPNAV Insensitive Munitions Council.

The Technology manager was assigned the responsibility for:

  1. Directing the Insensitive Munitions Advanced Development Program.
  2. Coordinating the application of new IM technology to weapon systems.
  3. Maintaining a liaison with the NAVAIR IM Technology Transition Program manager.
  4. Maintaining contacts and, as appropriate, establish Data Exchange Agreements (DEA) with allied countries to promote the IM concept.

I retired from NAVSEA in August 1985 and Dr. Rich Bowen, my Assistant for Technology, was selected as my replacement. RAdm. Meyer retired from SEA-06 a short time later and was replaced by RAdm. Chang. After I retired from Civil Service, I became a consultant for Explosives and Insensitive munitions technology and stayed active in the IM community.

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